Do you want karate


I just can't get enough cuddles!


I am Batman

Back rub

back rub NOW

4 AM

4 AM. everyone is asleep

Red Dot

Let's see how you like the red dot

easy to see

I ain't fat I'm easy to see

Home early

OH HI... You're home early.


Every home needs a Superrvisor!


This is what happens when you let the dog borrow the car... Where are my keys!?


So my friends cat constantly looks like he's being humped by a black cat...

Best Dog

Best Dog Ever...

Needy Wanty

I am not Needy I am Wanty

Tuna Breath

I Gotta freshen up ... No one likes a cat with tuna breath!


I'm done buying stuff for my cat

asleep hug

I fell asleep waiting for your hug

panda butt

This cat's butt looks like a panda


I see empty... what exactly do you see?!

Go to work

It's okay, go to work I'll be right here until you get back

Art Form

Comfort is an art form