Tell me again

Tell me again. What did the vet do to the dog?

Bad day?

Bad day? Here, I fix it.

Whipped cream

Life is too short to skip the whipped cream




Comfort is an art form

my poop

why don't you have a seat. why have you been stealing my poop?

nawt skool

I nawt goin to skool! I know way too much already!


your offering pleases me... you may sit


live long and pawspurr

Back rub

back rub NOW

Cat on TV

Mom! The cat on TV looks just like me!

easy to see

I ain't fat I'm easy to see

Dropped Jacket

Dropped Jacket on the floor can't pick it up for the rest of the day

crazy friends

If you have crazy friends - You have everything



no mores

I not playin wit you guys no mores!

opened tuna

Came home. Searched for the cat for 2 hours. Opened Tuna, and her head popped up.


you walks like this all the time? freak.


It was the only way I could get these jerks to not fight and steal each others food.

Pizza Guy

Me... watching the pizza guy deliver across the street

Damn Good

I don't always stick out my tongue... But when i do, I look Damn good doing it.