six callers

Hot Tub

Excuse me! Why did you put this crap in my hot tub?

Last Time

For the last time, dude... You're hissing me off!

Happy Kittehs

The world needs more happy kittehs! - Do your part hoomin!


Just keep Smiling

Red Dot

Let's see how you like the red dot

Killed a mouse

I killed a mouse for you... I'll do anything for you...anything.


I Need Hugs


Every home needs a Superrvisor!


What if running around the house at 2am effects everyone around me

Evil Laughs

Evil Laughs ~ I am on your facebooks, changing your status to "taking a poop"!

4 AM

4 AM. everyone is asleep

Back Up

"I Need some me time. Back up a little bit!"


I am Batman

Lets Ride!

Lets Ride!


mine daddeh he lubs me



Plastic bags

I don't always eat plastic bags but when i do, i make sure the bag is in your bedroom, and your sleeping

My Art

I hope this time human understands my art


I see empty... what exactly do you see?!