your bed

Please... can i sleep in your bed




I just can't get enough cuddles!

have a seat

Why don't you have a seat and explain your lack of gratitude for the dead birds I've been bringing you

morning cat

Coffee. Now. I are not a morning cat.


So my friends cat constantly looks like he's being humped by a black cat...

Be grateful

Be grateful for all the little things in life.

Your Face

Your Face. It needs my kisses.


I'm bored there's nothing to play with!



meet again

HAHA!! So We Meet Again!!!

face again

Hes making that face again, isn't he...nope.

Like a lady

When someone tells me to sit like a lady

Art Form

Comfort is an art form

The Box

When Life Goes Bad... Hide In The Box.

Sacred Dury

It is every cat's Sacred Duty to be as annoying as possible while being completely endearing at the same time..

Spot a Bird

Can spot a bird from across the yard. Cant find the piece of meat you dropped unless you point it out 10 times.


All i want is a ride or die homie in my life

Raised by Owls

Oliver was raided by Owls, with almost no side-effects.....


This is what happens when you let the dog borrow the car... Where are my keys!?


My food was empty so i unplugged the super bowl

I’m Hungry

I Don't always love you but when I do it's only because I'm hungry.

Pay Vet Bills

Here's my Kitten Dusty working the pole to help pay her Vet bills.


I'm in your bed zleeping