keyboard cat

My solution to my cat laying on my keyboard when I play games.

after this

"What do we do after this, Dad?"


LoL I'm Shy

bathroom line

The bathroom line in the morning is getting crazy

floor is cold

You should get a pair, too This floor is cold.

And I did

And I did

Just Looking!

Just Looking!


First signs of winter. .. - Bye-bye razors


This... is an "awww" moment.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

You’re Hired

You're Hired. Now clean my mess.

Patient Cat

Not only was he swinging, he was on a leash. The most patient cat ever...


He's making that face again, isn't he... Nope.


Hey, butterfly... What'cha thinkin' 'bout?


Kiss My Ass

Cat or Plants

You may have a cat. Or plants. NOT BOTH.


Well, this sucks

safe now

I am keeping watch you are safe now

Get ready

Get ready to lose your hand

getting a dog

What do you mean we're getting a dog!?

only a cat…

Anyone who ha said, it's only a cat...