Guess Who

Guess Who found your antidepressant pills!


So come here often?


i so tired it be real long day

Blue Tongue

walk cats

How to walk your cats


Do you want karate

Pizza Guy

Me... watching the pizza guy deliver across the street

Pet Me

I want you to pet me But only exactly 3 times then i'll bite

Pretty Colors

Wow, Look at all the pretty colors...

No Cat

No I haven't Seen the cat

the view

I'm not blocking the view - I am the view.


never underestimate the power of fluff


I got stuck so I went to sleep

ready for bed

I don't understand how people have to "get ready for bed"... I'm always ready for bed.



cardboard box

You probably wish you had a cardboard box of your own, don't you, human? But we can't all be this fortunate.

get home

Can't wait for the wife to get home.

Whatcha Eatin?

Hey. Whatcha eatin? GIVE ME SOME... I wont like it... but give ME some.

Fount It!

Fount It! Another home for the dog.


After closer observation... Your stoopid!!!