Roses are Red

Roses are Red, VIOLETS are blue. I HATE YOU...

at you

Don't get too excited I'm purring at you not with you

Early Today

Oh.... you came home early today


My get-up-and-go got up and went without me

sexy as hell

Holy Crap - I'm Sexy As Hell

saddest song

I Haven't Eaten in over 20 minutes

Best Dog

Best Dog Ever...

hey human

Hey Human! What are you doing?

Thinks & Does

What my cat thinks he is doing.. What he actually does.

before bed

What i see every night before bed...

Home early

OH HI... You're home early.

Target sighted

Target sighted & Locked. Proceed with but wiggle.


Whatcha Thinking About?


He's making that face again, isn't he?

Diddly Squat

I'm not doing Diddly Squat today

Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone - I'm Upsetz


When other girls wanted to be vampires - I kinda wanted to be a ballerina

A Bra

I wish she'd wear a bra...

Needy Wanty

I am not Needy I am Wanty


The Day at the Spa was purrrrrrfect


OH Hey... ... You're home early.


To my cat I promise...


Their father said he was French