I am Batman

Lets Ride!

Lets Ride!


mine daddeh he lubs me



Plastic bags

I don't always eat plastic bags but when i do, i make sure the bag is in your bedroom, and your sleeping

My Art

I hope this time human understands my art


I see empty... what exactly do you see?!


90% smaller than you Takes up 90% more of Sofa

shot of milk

Bartender poured this cat a shot of milk in New Orleans

Lick Myself

I don't always do stupid mistakes But when i do, I act like it never happened and lick myself

pull the plug

whatever you do, DON't pull the plug again!


This needs a major rewrite - Is English your second language and Moron your first?


My cats face when I found one of her Hording Stashes...

Family Thing

"This whole family thing is not really working for me."

Out of Bed

Getting kids out of bed and ready for school isn't easy for any family.


I'm done buying stuff for my cat

family jewels

Only a cat could look elegant lying on a trash bin, giving the family jewels a wash.


Jenkins buy me an expensive cat bed I'd like to sleep in the box it came in