Needy Wanty

I am not Needy I am Wanty

Tuna Breath

I Gotta freshen up ... No one likes a cat with tuna breath!


I'm done buying stuff for my cat

asleep hug

I fell asleep waiting for your hug

panda butt

This cat's butt looks like a panda


I see empty... what exactly do you see?!

Go to work

It's okay, go to work I'll be right here until you get back

Art Form

Comfort is an art form

Patient Cat

Not only was he swinging, he was on a leash. The most patient cat ever...


Smiles are contagious Don't worry, I'm vaccinated


So come here often?

Sit Paws

He likes to sit on his own paws

Go Meow

Sweet cat of mine "where do we go meow"

Kitty YOGA

Kitty YOGA breathe out and.............. relax.


Its every cat's sacred duty to be as annoying as possible while being completely endearing at the same time.

Crazy Friends

If you have crazy friends you have everything


I got stuck so I went to sleep


When the catnip kicks in

Sign Here

My Terms are simple: You promise to worship me and meet all of my demands. Now sign here.

no mores

I not playin wit you guys no mores!