a cake

when you're full then someone brings out a cake

Bendy straw

Typical no bendy straw


No, No... Please carry on... I couldn't be more interested...

Like a lady

When someone tells me to sit like a lady



Ordered Sits

Oh you ordered some pizza - Thats funny because i ordered some sits


got stuck

I think my get-up-and-go got stuck.

your bed

Please... can i sleep in your bed

help myself

It's okay...i'll just help myself.

walk cats

How to walk your cats

my belly

He stopped rubbing my belly just before i could bite him

only a cat…

Anyone who ha said, it's only a cat...

all ears

Go ahead i'm all ears

spiked coffee

I knew today was gonna suck so i spiked my coffee

new drapes

drapes blocked my favorite window! Im the victim here.


All i want is a ride or die homie in my life

my diet

u, i'm on a diet! Wait...is that chocolat fudge brownie?!


And iiiiiiiii will alwaaaaaaaays loooooooove yoooooooooou