i get cheese

My cat's face, everytime i get cheese from the fridge...


Dammit you coulda knocked first


Human Dead In 3...2...1.


shhhhh... i is nap-kin


LoL I'm Shy


what do you mean I wont grow up to be a tiger?

Tell me again

Tell me again. What did the vet do to the dog?

Fount It!

Fount It! Another home for the dog.

if it fits

If it fits, it ships. Now get in there..

Spot a Bird

Can spot a bird from across the yard. Cant find the piece of meat you dropped unless you point it out 10 times.

Whipped cream

Life is too short to skip the whipped cream

Your Face

Your Face. It needs my kisses.

Both Taken!

Sorry Both Taken!

Get ready

Get ready to lose your hand

Be grateful

Be grateful for all the little things in life.

Black kitties

How many black kitties does it take to steal your heart? One. Just One.

Crazy cat lady

Crazy cat lady stroller

I Love you

I Love you, couch. You understand me.